YieldTopia — Number One Sustainable Yield Platform In The Crypto Market


The yield platform is a platform that offers high returns to crypto users through auto-staking and auto-compounding. Usually, most yield platforms offer high APY returns which will provide maximum returns to users. And also users don’t need to stake their tokens manually, because the system will automatically stake users’ tokens and later rewards will be sent to users’ wallets. This convenience allows users to monitor the growth of their tokens in their wallets and this will provide convenience in token management and can provide passive income to users.

Introducing YieldTopia

Seeing that people’s interest in staking is getting better in recent times, YieldTopia intends to be able to present a yield platform that will provide maximum return to users. This is a new protocol built from the ground up that provides sustainable and profitable high APY returns and provides various features that will benefit users. Users will be able to get the maximum return from the tokens they hold and they don’t need to stake their tokens, because this is an auto-staking and auto-compounding platform that will stake users’ tokens automatically and there is no need for user intervention. Supported by a sustainable ecosystem, this is not just an ordinary yield platform, but a long-term platform that plans to give maximum rewards to users now and in the future.


YieldTopia has various features that are needed by global users to get maximum return. The features of YieldTopia consist of high APY, deflationary system, locked liquidity pool, and various other features.

Users will have the opportunity to earn high returns because YieldTopia offers the highest APY in the industry. The APY offered by YieldTopia is 42,069% and it will be rebased automatically once in 30 minutes. With this high APY, users will be able to expect to get a high return from the tokens they hold. And of course, with a rebase system once in 30 minutes this will make the rewards that users get even more maximal.

To make the YieldTopia ecosystem sustainable, it will be equipped with various features such as an anti-dump shield, open-source protocol, membership system, tax, and various other features. With these various features, it is hoped that YieldTopia will be able to become a sustainable ecosystem and survive in the long term. And thus users don’t have to worry when they use holding YieldTopia tokens for a long time, because this platform has been designed to survive in the market.

And the plan is that YieldTopia also provides a stablecoin called USDY which is a stablecoin by YieldTopia that is pegged at a 1:1 ratio with BUSD. What this means is that the stablecoin is equivalent to USD and will be easily transactable by users on exchanges or with other users. YieldTopia will provide USDY for users who participate in the presale as a form of appreciation for users.


YIELD is the native token of YieldTopia which will serve as a utility token that users can purchase from supported exchanges. Launched using the BSC, FTM, MATIC, ETH, OP, ARB, AVAX, and CRO protocols, users will be able to use this token for various things they want, such as for transactions, staking, etc. This is a token that will have an important role on the YieldTopia platform because it will be used as a rebase token, and because of this the value of this token will increase in the future. So investing in this token is a good decision.


To sum up, users need a platform that provides high yields and sustainability, thus this will give users a sense of security because they will be able to stake tokens in the long term. And YieldTopia is a reliable yield platform that offers high returns to users globally. With various features owned by YieldTopia, this will allow users to be able to get high rewards from the tokens they hold and users do not need to stake their tokens manually because the system will automatically detect the tokens in the user’s wallet and provide rewards according to the number of tokens the user holds. With the various features offered by YieldTopia and coupled with its advantages, users will be able to get maximum returns and at the same time gain access to a sustainable ecosystem that will reward users on an ongoing basis in the future.


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Telegram: @lumbanrang



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