TheBitGold — Community Owned Project That Makes It Easy To Buy Precious Metals


In its development, technology has succeeded in innovating many things globally, for example in the past people to invest in gold had to be able to buy gold at a shop or exchange that specifically sold it, but now with the help of technology people can invest in gold more quickly and easily. The technology developed by several platforms allows them to be able to launch gold in digital form and this will be traded by users just like gold in general. Because this is a digital form, it means that users can buy this gold anytime and take it wherever they want, without worrying. And because of this convenience now many people are investing in digital gold.

Introducing TheBitGold

Seeing that the convenience of investing in gold is getting better by using gold digitization technology to open up new ways of investing in gold, TheBitGold takes advantage of this by offering users a new way of investing in gold using the NFT protocol. TheBitGold itself uses the NFT protocol which is a protocol that is very helpful in digitizing gold and making it more secure to be used by users globally. Using the NFT protocol will make gold safer and can be traded by users more easily and quickly through the available NFT marketplace. TheBitGold is very innovative in utilizing the NFT protocol because then users will be able to buy the gold provided easily using their various cryptocurrencies because TheBitGold currently supports payments from USDT to Ethereum as well as Visa and Mastercard so this will give freedom to users in purchasing NFT tokens provided by TheBitGold.


TheBitGold takes advantage of the various features offered by the NFT protocol which is very appropriate to be able to digitize gold. Utilizing this protocol allows TheBitGold to have various features that are needed by global users to be able to invest in gold more securely and quickly. Features of TheBitGold consist of easy payments, visa/Mastercard support, available exchanges, verified blockchain technology, and NFT based which can be stored in ETH wallets.

Users when buying gold offered by TheBitGold will be able to store it in their crypto wallet. Because it is NFT-based, it means that users can trade these tokens on exchanges or with other users without having to worry about security. TheBitGold offers users various NFT tokens which users can freely purchase. The NFT offered by TheBitGold is also quite affordable so that users can invest how much they want.

All NFTs offered by TheBitGold are valuable NFTs and are not only limited to gold, sometimes TheBitGold also launches other valuable metals such as silver so that users can invest in silver without the need to buy the physical. All transactions will be secured using a smart contract and this is only subject to a 10% royalty for creators. Thus the trading of this NFT token will be profitable for its holders.


BGT is a native token of TheBitGold which will serve as a utility token that can be purchased by users from the token sale program organized by TheBitGold. Launched using the BSC protocol, users will be able to use this token for various things they want, such as for investment, etc. It is a token that will have an important role in the development of the TheBitGold platform, and because of that investing in this token will provide users with a lot of benefits. So investing in this token is a good decision.


To sum up, developments in technology have enabled the digitization of gold and made it easier for users to buy and trade globally. And TheBitGold uses the NFT protocol to be able to digitize gold and several other precious metals and make it easy and secure for users to buy and trade. The various features offered by the NFT protocol will allow TheBitGold to offer valuable NFT tokens to users and this will also allow holders to earn royalties for their NFT token transactions. With the various features and ease of investing in precious metals offered by TheBitGold, users will find that investing in NFT tokens offered by TheBitGold is very easy and more profitable.






BTT Username: lumbanrang

Telegram: @lumbanrang



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