ProtoX — The Leading Decentralized Crypto Trading Protocol and Derivatives


The decentralized trading protocol is an innovation developed by crypto developers which will allow users to trade crypto easily and securely by simply connecting their digital wallets. In contrast to centralized crypto trading platforms, decentralized trading is intervention-free and users are enabled to become liquidity providers for various pairs and they will get rewarded for it. The convenience offered by the Defi platform is what attracts crypto users and this is evident from the interest of crypto users to be able to use the various features available on the Defi platform for their various needs.

Introducing ProtoX

Seeing that decentralized trading is currently growing, ProtoX is motivated to be able to present a decentralized crypto trading platform that will allow users to trade crypto safely and easily compared to using a centralized trading platform. ProtoX offers users a trading platform where users can swap and earn more easily. This is possible because apart from providing the Defi feature, ProtoX also provides leveraged trading through the derivatives market of 25x. With this leverage, traders will be able to trade and earn with greater opportunities. ProtoX is committed to being able to present a crypto trading platform that is connected to the real world, which will allow users to carry out various crypto activities more easily and securely through their various devices.


ProtoX has various features that are needed by global users. The features of ProtoX consist of crypto trading, derivatives market, staking, IDO & NFT Launchpad.

Users will be able to use ProtoX for their easier and more secure trading. ProtoX provides users with 25x leverage for their trades. With this leverage, users can trade with less capital but have a higher chance of winning. With the existence of this derivatives market, users, especially those who frequently trade derivatives, will be able to trade better than before.

With various Defi features available such as platform swap, staking, IDO, and NFT launchpad, users will be able to fulfill their various needs directly from one platform. With this users do not need to use more platforms, because they can use ProtoX for almost all their Defi needs. For example, users can participate in IDO to buy tokens from potential crypto projects and if they are lucky they will be able to buy potential tokens at a low price.

Built using Binance Smart Chain technology, ProtoX will provide users with a crypto platform that is secure, fast, and with lower fees. Users will be able to trade at lower fees but with greater speed and security. With this BSC technology, users no longer need to doubt the reliability of ProtoX because this technology has been used by hundreds of platforms around the world and has proven its reliability.


PX is the native token of ProtoX which will serve as a utility token that users can purchase from supported exchanges. Launched using the BSC protocol, users will be able to use this token for various things they want, such as for payments, staking, etc. This is a token that will have an important role on the ProtoX platform, because it will be used in several features, and because it gives this token the prospect of developing in the future. So that by buying this token the holders have made the right decision.


To sum up, the decentralized trading protocol is an innovation developed to make it easier for crypto users to trade. And ProtoX is a decentralized crypto trading platform where users can swap and earn easily and securely. Designed with the best architecture with BSC technology, ProtoX will be a highly reliable crypto trading platform for users. With various features it has such as swap, staking, etc., this will be a crypto platform that will connect Defi to the real world and make it even better.




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