Metavault.Trade — DEX With Zero Slippage And Up To 30x Leverage

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Decentralized exchanges offer various features which help users to make more profitable trades. Decentralized exchange is an innovation that crypto users need because, unlike ordinary exchanges, it uses a decentralized system that does not allow manipulation and is transparent to users. For now, the number of transactions of a decentralized exchange is quite high because it provides various features that make users feel more comfortable in doing the exchange, and also it is simpler to use, no advanced knowledge is needed to use it.

Introducing Metavault.Trade

Seeing that the development of the crypto market is increasing significantly, Metavault.Trade welcomes this by building a decentralized exchange that will be able to serve swaps of global users with a user-friendly interface. By providing users with 30x leverage as well as a decentralized system that allows everyone to participate in it, Metavault.Trade will provide a spot & perpetual exchange that makes trading easier and more convenient. It also uses the POLYGON protocol which is a protocol that offers users various advantages such as low fees, high security, and transaction speed. So users will be able to swap their tokens more quickly and securely without the need to think about high fees such as using the ETH protocol.


Metavault.Trade provides a decentralized spot & perpetual exchange that has the best features that global traders desperately need. The features of Metavault.Trade consists of spot & perpetual exchange, leverage, trading via private wallet, high-quality price feeds, low fees, simple interface, and high security.

By using Metavault.Trade it means that traders will be able to trade with comfort and security. Moreover, it uses a user-friendly interface, which will make it easier for users to determine their trading positions. Users can open positions from anywhere they want and if their trade is successful they will be able to earn high profits due to the 30x leverage offered by Metavault.Trade.

Metavault.Trade also provides 3 tokens which will make the Metavault.Trade ecosystem more attractive and profitable for users. The 3 tokens offered by Metavault.Trade are MVX, MVLP, and MVD, which each have their own functions and can be purchased by users from the Metavault.Trade website. With these 3 tokens, it is estimated that the ecosystem of Metavault.Trade will be a stable, strong and profitable ecosystem


MVX is the native token of Metavault.Trade which will serve as a utility token for the ecosystem and it can be purchased by users from exchanges powered by Metavault.Trade. Launched using the POLYGON protocol, users will be able to use this token for various things they want, such as for transactions, staking, etc. This is a token which will have an important role in the Metavault.Trade ecosystem, and because of this, it has the prospect of growing in the future. So investing in this token is a good decision.


To sum up, the centralized exchange offers the best features that make trading users easier and more profitable. And Metavault.Trade is a decentralized exchange with leverage and a user-friendly interface which will be the best place for users to trade with low fees, fast and simple. The best features such as high-quality price feeds, low fees, and so on, will be accessible to users to make their trading more attractive and profitable. And users can also participate in the ecosystem to provide liquidity or participate in governance and later they will get rewarded according to their participation. With various features coupled with the secure, fast, and lower-cost POLYGON protocol, users will be able to get a better exchange service.




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