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The staking program provides an opportunity for stakeholders to earn passive income from the many tokens they stake. The staker will get a reward according to the APY offered by the staking platform, the higher the APY offered, the greater the reward that will be obtained by the user. The staking feature itself can be found by users of the Defi platform available in the market today. Later users who access this platform will not only be able to stake their tokens, but they can also access various other features such as lending, swaps, cross-chain, etc. These innovative features are offered to users globally and users can access these features easily and securely.

Introducing Marblecake

Seeing that the Defi sector has increasingly developed in recent months, Marblecake innovated to become a Defi platform that would provide various Defi features to users globally. Through various Defi features such as DEX, launchpad, cross-chain, staking, and stablecoin and token yields, Marblecake wants to invite users to experience a platform that provides next-level Defi solutions and can be relied on by users for their various needs. Users will be able to swap, participate on launchpad, or hold tokens and earn rewards from it. All these features are presented to users in a fresh interface and can be accessed easily from anywhere and anytime the user wants. Moreover, it is based on BSC, so users can transact faster and cheaper. It is the next level Defi platform that today’s crypto users want.


Marblecake has various features that are needed by global users. Marblecake’s features include staking, DEX, launchpad, cross-chain, and yield tokens and stablecoins.

Users will be able to access a Defi platform with a good architecture and understand what users want. Users can swap their tokens for other tokens seamlessly via the DEX platform provided by Marblecake or to other chains with Cross-Chain. Users don’t have to worry about their security, because this DEX and Cross-Chain platform is designed with high security and high liquidity, so it will facilitate users who want to swap their tokens easily. And users who want to become liquidity providers will get rewards according to their participation. Users can stake their LP tokens and they don’t have to worry, because this will be secured by a smart-contract system.

Project owners can also get funding from potential investors by entrusting their campaign to Marblecake. Later project owners will be able to launch their token sale program and crypto users can participate in buying the tokens offered. These investors will profit by participating in the program from the start, because then they will be able to get tokens at a lower price and when the price of the tokens is high in the future, they can sell them for profit. So that in this way, investors and project owners will both benefit.

For the stablecoin itself, Marblecake launched a token with the name mUSD and it is pegged to the dollar, so the price of this token will follow the dollar price. And for token yields, MarbleQuake is a yield token which will reward holders of up to 6% on every trade made with it, so users only need to buy, hold, earn.


MARBL is a native token from Marblecake which will serve as a utility token that can be obtained by users from the crowdsale until July 1, 2022. Launched using the BSC protocol, users will be able to use this MARBL token for various things they want, such as for payments, staking, etc. This is a token that will be used frequently by users on the MARBL platform, and because of this, the price of this token has the prospect of growing in the future. So that buying this token is a good decision taken by the holders.


To sum up, the Defi platform provides an opportunity for users to increase their income by staking or swapping their tokens easily from the DEX feature, because the various features it offers make the Defi platform very popular with crypto users. And Marblecake is a platform that brings the next level of Defi solutions to global users, where users can stake tokens, swap, participate in launchpad, or even earn rewards by holding token yields. With what Marblecake has to offer, it will be able to become one of the Defi platforms to be reckoned with in the global crypto market.




BTT Username: lumbanrang
Telegram: @lumbanrang
BSC: 0x075b5E51a26Fff19EB0F0Ac3fd1d4eEc59a40997



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