Fusotao Protocol — A Verification Protocol That Makes The DEX Platform To Run Better


AMM is a protocol that is used by many DEX platforms globally. With this protocol, the DEX platform can operate better and faster, and in a decentralized manner. This protocol allows transactions that are without third parties, fast, and secure. Due to the various advantages offered by the AMM protocol, this protocol has been implemented on many DEX platforms globally until now. However, in its development, it is not possible to rely solely on this protocol on the DEX platform, crypto users need a protocol that offers faster transactions and execution, thus providing a better experience for users.

Introducing Fusotao Protocol

Seeing that the development of the crypto market has become increasingly significant in recent times, Fusotao Protocol aims to be able to develop a decentralized verification protocol that will later be applied to the DEX platform. Using the Fusotao Protocol will enable the DEX platform to be able to offer users faster, more secure, and low-cost transactions. Equipped with various important features such as system execution, verification, matching, etc., Fusotao Protocol will be the best protocol for the DEX platform and make transactions on the platform faster than using other protocols. Fusotao Protocol is designed as a platform that will allow a DEX platform to get various advantages that they will not get on other protocols, and it can be seen that compared to AMM and ZK-Proof, the performance of Fusotao Protocol is much better and more reliable on all conditions.


Fusotao Protocol has various features that are needed by DEX platforms globally to be able to operate better and faster. The features of the Fusotao Protocol include an off-chain execution environment, lower costs, allowing everyone to participate in the ecosystem, and many others.

DEX platforms will be able to get various benefits that make them a DEX platform with the best quality, for example, such as 0 gas fees on transactions, trading experience like in CEX, assets are always under user control, etc. With the various benefits obtained by these users, it will allow them to be able to trade better and there is no need to think about high fees all of this can be made possible by using only 1 protocol, namely the Fusotao Protocol.

And not only that, users can also participate as contributors to Fusotao Protocol. Here users can become stakeholders and later they will get rewards for their participation. Or users can be matched and validators. The contribution of users to the Fusotao Protocol ecosystem will make this protocol a decentralized protocol that will be controlled by the users and strong because it is supported by everyone. So that in the future users will be able to experience a better DEX and all thanks to the help from the community behind Fusotao Protocol.


TAO is the native token of the Fusotao Protocol which will serve as a utility token that users can purchase from supported exchanges. Launched using the NEP-141 protocol, users will be able to use this token for various things they want, such as for transactions, staking, etc. It is a token that will have an important role on the Fusotao Protocol platform which is planned to be launched with a supply of 100 million and distributed to users, and because of this, it is an important asset of the Fusotao Protocol. And the more people who transact using this token the more this will affect the price and increase its value and this will provide benefits for the holders.


To sum up, with the increasing number of transactions in the DEX sector globally, this requires a new protocol that offers users faster and more secure transactions. And Fusotao Protocol is a protocol designed to be a decentralized verification protocol for DEX platforms globally. Designed using the latest technology and intelligent systems, Fusotao Protocol will offer users a blockchain that enables the DEX platform to operate better and offers crypto users various advantages. With Fusotao Protocol as the architecture on a DEX platform, it will provide various advantages such as 0 gas fees, a trading experience like CEX, faster than swap, etc. With various features and coupled with the advantages provided by Fusotao Protocol, DEX users will be able to experience a DEX platform that offers a much better experience and various benefits that they will not be able to get on similar platforms.


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