Digital GOLD — Your Future Gold


Gold is a long-term investment instrument that is stable until now. Because the price tends to be stable and increase over time, many people today invest in gold. But investing in gold is not easy. Investors have to spend more money to rent safes from banks or they can buy safes and store their gold in their homes but this method is not recommended as it is prone to theft. And because of this, gold has now innovated into a digital asset that everyone can easily own in their digital wallet. By using blockchain technology this is possible, so it will make it easier for people to be able to transact or invest in gold.

Introducing Digital Gold

Seeing that blockchain technology can be applied to gold instruments, Digital GOLD is here as a platform that facilitates transactions and investments in crypto-based gold. What Digital GOLD offers is digital gold wrapped in crypto which users can store in their wallets. By using Digital GOLD users will be able to transact or invest with gold easily and securely, this is because blockchain technology is a very appropriate technology to be applied to digital gold because this will allow transactions to be more secure and lower costs and users can freely store their GOLD tokens in their wallets that support the ERC-20 protocol. Digital GOLD is a token backed by physical gold stored in vaults in Singapore and insured with CHUBB, this makes the value of 1 GOLD token equal to 1 gram of gold, and this value will not change, so users don’t have to worry about their investment in GOLD tokens.


Digital Gold has various features which make it the best digital gold in the crypto market. The features of Digital Gold consist of secure, high liquidity, no fees, low fees, and high privacy.

When users hold Digital Gold, they will hold digital gold which is much more flexible than physical gold. Digital Gold is designed to be digital gold that people can easily and securely have in their digital wallets. Using Ethereum technology, will certainly not allow any manipulation or duplication of the gold owned by the user. When users sell their GOLD tokens on the marketplace, the system will automatically burn these tokens and the physical gold on the vault will be released, when the user buys GOLD tokens, the system will automatically buy gold the number of GOLD tokens purchased by the user. With a system like this liquidity from Digital Gold will be maintained and will not allow any manipulation of supply.

By using Ethereum technology there are many things that can be obtained by Digital Gold, first low fees, high privacy, and secure transactions. These features are very much needed by users, especially those who want privacy, and even the government cannot intervene or track ownership of Digital Gold because Digital Gold will not ask for the identity of buyers. So with this, Digital Gold is becoming the best digital gold in the crypto market right now.


GOLD stands for Digital Gold which is launched as a utility token that can be purchased by users from supported marketplaces. Launched using the ETH protocol, users will be able to use this GOLD token for various things they want, such as for investments, transactions, etc. This is a token that is very suitable to be used as a long-term investment, and because it makes the value of this token has the prospect to grow in the future.


To sum up, digital gold is an alternative solution for those who want to invest in gold but don’t want to be complicated. And Digital Gold, is crypto-based gold that will make it easier for users to be able to transact and invest in gold easily, quickly, and safely. Launching using Ethereum technology will provide various innovative features such as security, low fees, high privacy, and high liquidity. Users will be able to invest in Digital Gold easily and worry-free as this will be backed by physical gold stored in Singapore, which makes it equivalent to 1 gram of physical gold. With the various features that Digital Gold has and coupled with its advantages, it will be the best crypto-based digital gold on the market.




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