Digital GOLD — Owning Gold Is Now Much Easier And Secure

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One of the best and most stable instruments, for now, is gold. Gold is an investment instrument that can be bought by everyone today, whether it be in the form of jewelry or gold bullion. However, investing in gold is sometimes inconvenient because users have to store it in a vault to keep it secure and free from theft. And therefore, users need a solution to be able to invest in gold safely and securely and that can be achieved by using digital gold, which is a new way of investing in gold, where users can own gold but in a digital form that they can trade with free to anyone. Just like regular gold, digital gold comes with the same value and will continue to last into the future, so it’s no different from bullion.

Introducing Digital GOLD

Seeing that gold investment is increasingly promising, this is an opportunity for Digital GOLD to become digital gold which will make it easier for people to transact and store gold. Compared to storing gold in a safe or wearing it as jewelry, Digital GOLD offers digital gold innovation which is a token that users can store in their digital wallet. Just like regular gold, the gold offered by Digital GOLD has the exact same value as it is backed by real gold which is kept in a safe vault in Singapore. Being backed by real gold means that 1 Digital GOLD token is equivalent to 1 gram of gold and its value is neither less nor more. To prove that what supports Digital GOLD is really real gold, users can view the documents provided by Digital GOLD and in without manipulation. So what Digital GOLD offers may be a new way for people to transact and store gold in the future.


To prove Digital GOLD as the best innovation in transacting and storing gold, it has various innovative features and is needed by global gold users or investors. The features of Digital GOLD consist of high privacy, crypto-based, ease of transactions, no hidden fees, and prices that tend to be stable just like gold. These features make Digital GOLD a credible and trusted digital gold provider platform.

Users will be able to see that Digital GOLD is the platform with the best solution for digital gold investment. Users will be able to invest in gold easily with just their digital wallet. Users can buy GOLD tokens provided by Digital GOLD through the marketplace provided. Through this marketplace, users will be able to buy GOLD tokens more easily without the need to provide an identity or register. Users only need to transfer a certain amount of tokens, and then the GOLD tokens will be sent automatically to their wallets.

Because it is crypto-based, it means that user privacy will be maintained and data leakage will not be possible. Blockchain technology allows users to own GOLD tokens without worrying about their identity. Also, this will not charge high fees for user transactions, so users will be able to make gold transactions to whomever they want without the hassle of paying high fees such as gold bullion transactions.


To differentiate the Digital GOLD product from other tokens, it was launched under the name “GOLD” which is the native token of the only one from Digital GOLD which will serve as a utility token that can be purchased by users from marketplaces and exchanges. Launched using the ETH protocol, users will be able to use this token for various things they want, such as for transactions, long-term holds, etc. This is a token that will act as the main product of Digital GOLD and have the same value as gold, and because of this, the value of this token will increase even more in the future. So investing in this token is a good decision.


To sum up, owning digital gold is the best option for those who want convenience and low costs on gold transactions and investments. And Digital GOLD is a platform that provides digital gold which will make it easier and cheaper for users to transact and store gold in crypto wallets. Backed by real gold that is certified and stored in a secure vault, Digital GOLD will provide digital gold whose value will continue to be the same as gold in general on the market, so users will be able to hold their Digital GOLD tokens for as long as they want. With various features and coupled with the high privacy offered by Digital GOLD, users will be able to own the best digital gold they can find on the crypto market.


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