Digital GOLD — Gold With Secure ERC-20 Architecture

4 min readOct 29, 2022


Since hundreds of years ago and even more than that, humans have used gold as a valuable object whether it’s jewelry or for various other things. Moreover, gold in modern times like today is a very valuable item and supports almost all currencies globally. And therefore a country desperately needs gold as a support for their economy and to prevent their currency from falling and becoming worthless. Because of its crucial role in today’s modern era, gold has become an investment instrument that has value and tends to be stable. If someone invests their money in stocks, it is possible that they will incur losses, but not in gold. And because of that many people choose gold for their investment.

Introducing Digital GOLD

Seeing that the development of blockchain technology in recent years is quite massive, this is an opportunity for Digital GOLD to be able to develop a digital gold that will make it easier for people to transact and invest using gold. The Digital GOLD team designed this digital gold to run using a blockchain architecture that is secure and accessible to everyone from anywhere. Blockchain is the most revolutionary technology today, and it is very appropriate to be combined it with Digital GOLD because then users will be able to invest in gold more easily. Users can buy Digital GOLD through the marketplace and they can hold it as a long-term investment instrument like physical gold. The value of Digital GOLD itself will be worth 1 Gram for 1 Digital GOLD token and this value will remain the same forever. The mechanism of Digital GOLD is very smart, and therefore it is a reliable and secure digital gold.


To be able to compete with other digital gold, Digital GOLD
it needs to have various features which make it worthy of being the best digital gold with Ethereum architecture. Digital GOLD will have features consisting of high security, anonymous, low fees, faster, and reliable for many transactions. These features would be impossible to find in digital gold with traditional architecture.

The security provided by blockchain technology is unquestionable, it is an immutable technology that will not allow any party to change it. Digital GOLD is designed with this technology in mind, and it will allow users to send their digital gold to any Ethereum wallet they want and not have to worry about their security because it is very secure.

As for identity, this is crucial for many people, and Digital GOLD ensures that the user’s identity will remain safe because it is built with blockchain technology which will ensure anonymous user transactions and will not allow anyone to know the user’s identity. So for those who want to invest in gold discreetly, Digital GOLD is the best thing and it doesn’t require them to pay more to maintain their privacy because it is all guaranteed by blockchain technology.


Since it was launched using Ethereum technology, Digital GOLD launched its token under the name “GOLD” and it is the native token of Digital GOLD which will serve as a utility token that users can get from supported exchanges. Launched using the Ethereum protocol, users will be able to use this token for various things they want, such as for transactions to other users, investments, etc. This is a token whose value will be the same as physical gold, and because of this, the value of this token has the prospect of increasing in the future. So investing in this token is a good decision.


To sum up, now people don’t need to buy physical gold to invest in gold, they can buy digital gold and that’s even better. And Digital GOLD is a platform that develops digital gold with Ethereum technology and this will be used by users for long-term transactions and investments. With smart mechanisms secured by smart contracts, Digital GOLD will become digital gold with undoubted transaction security and value that will continue to match physical gold and this is even lower in costs because it does not require fees, etc. With various features coupled with the Ethereum architecture that supports it, users can invest in digital gold whose value remains the same as physical gold.




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