Candela Coin — The Best Marketplace for Peer-to-peer Energy Transfers

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There are many sources of renewable energy nowadays that can be used by people such as wind energy, solar energy, etc. However, most people today use solar energy through solar panels to be a source of energy for their various needs. Solar panels since their commercialization have become more efficient and affordable, making them a practical and viable option for homes, businesses, and communities worldwide, and that’s why most people now use solar panels in their premises because it’s more practical and cheaper to reachable. Moreover, there have been many journals that say that using solar panels is far more practical and can cut costs for electricity.

Introducing Candela Coin

Seeing that more and more people are now using solar panels as their energy source for their places, this is an interesting thing to be able to take advantage of because it provides a platform that people can use to be able to share their energy sources with others and benefit from it. That is what Candela Coin wants to achieve as a place where people can sell their generated energy to other users, bringing in the best possible returns for their solar energy. People will be able to build Solar Panel architectures in their communities and use the Candela Coin as a medium to exchange the energy they produce. So you could say that Candela Coin will be a bridge that will connect solar panel owners to communities who want to use the energy they produce and with the help of the IoT hardware and software that Candela Coin has built it will help users to achieve the best results in their transaction.


Candela Coin tries to be a platform that will facilitate users in trading the energy they generate from their renewable electricity sources. This will be a marketplace that bridges prosumers and consumers to a unique energy marketplace, whether for their needs, they will be able to get it from Candela Coin. To be the best marketplace for energy trading, of course, Candela Coin will have various features that are needed by global users. The features of Candela Coin consist of a P2P network for energy trading, IoT hardware, and software that is built-in, decentralized, and accessible to everyone.

For those who have excess energy or have hardware and want to share it, Candela Coin is the perfect place for them. Besides they can trade their energy, and they will be able to join in a strong community which supports each other for a very noble cause. Thus, Candela Coin will not only be an ordinary marketplace, but an innovative marketplace that will support and accelerate the mass adoption of renewable energy globally and make it more accessible to everyone more easily and quickly.


CLA is the native utility token of Candela Coin, which is built on the Binance Smart Chain protocol. Users can acquire CLA tokens from supported exchanges and use them for a range of functions on the platform, including payments and other transactions. Given the important role that CLA plays within the Candela Coin ecosystem, there is strong potential for the token to increase in value and drive future development of the platform. As such, investing in CLA represents a promising opportunity for users looking to participate in the growth of the Candela Coin ecosystem.


To sum up, people often have energy resources and want to share them with the wider community but they don’t have a platform to be able to trade their excess energy. And Candela Coin is a platform that will become a P2P marketplace which will connect those who wish to trade their energy with the wider community. Candela Coin also provides IoT hardware and software which will enable seamless peer-to-peer energy transfer using community microgrids. And it will also run decentralized which means Candela Coin will be controlled by the community and will run more transparently. Coupled with a strong and stable ecosystem, users will be able to use Candela Coin for their energy trading better than ever before.


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