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Auto-staking protocol is a protocol that was developed to be able to offer users an easier and more secure staking platform and also give them maximum profit. What this auto-staking platform offers is to help users, especially those who are new to staking. Because by using this auto-staking platform, users only need to hold a native token from the staking platform and they can hold it to get rewards. Later, the number of rewards that users will get will be following the number of tokens they hold, the bigger the tokens they hold, the higher the rewards they will get.

Introducing Caesar

Seeing that more and more users are now joining the staking platform, Caesar is interested in being able to present an auto-staking platform that will facilitate users to be able to get rewards from the tokens they hold more easily than using traditional staking platforms. Caesar is a platform designed with the concept of an auto-staking protocol in which it will stake users’ tokens automatically. Users don’t need to stake their tokens manually, because later Caesar will stake users’ tokens automatically and they will be able to monitor their accumulated rewards in their wallets. Caesar offers an innovative staking concept, as it helps users to stake their tokens and they no longer need to stake their tokens manually. By using Caesar users will be able to get rewards by only holding Caesar tokens.


Caesar has various features that global users desperately need. The features of Caesar consist of high APY, Auto-Staking Protocol, Automatic LP, Risk-Free Value, and Treasury.

With Caesar’s various features, this will allow users to get easier rewards from holding Caesar tokens. Users don’t need to stake tokens manually, they just need to let them go, and eventually, their tokens will grow. This convenience can be obtained because Caesar uses the auto-staking protocol feature which will grow users’ tokens according to the existing mechanism.

The various mechanisms that exist in Caesar will also help the platform how operate in the future. By using automated LP, it will charge 5% automatically from every transaction of users and allocate it to liquidity and this will also increase increasing collateral value. And 5% of the trading fees are redirected to the RVF which will ensure that Caesar’s ecosystem will be truly sustainable and can also be profitable in the future. And 3% of the purchase fees will be transferred to the treasury which is to maintain and support the operations of the RVF. With these various mechanisms, it will help users, especially crypto stakeholders, who don’t want their staking activities to stop due to unexpected things and that’s why these various mechanisms were built.

Caesar was built to be able to offer users a staking platform that makes it easier for them in their staking activities and can also provide high profits for users, especially those who are still new to staking. Thus, users of all levels can use Caesar more easily to maximize their income.


CAESAR is the native token of the Caesar platform which will serve as a utility token that users can purchase from supported exchanges. Launched using the BSC protocol, users will be able to use this token for various things they want, such as for payments, staking, etc. This is a token that will have an important role on the Caesar platform, and because of this, it has the prospect of growing in the future. So investing in this token is a good decision.


To sum up, the auto-staking protocol is a protocol that allows users to stake tokens and earn profits more easily without the need to stake manually. And Caesar intends to be able to present an auto-staking platform that will make it easier for users globally to get passive income from staking. With the auto-staking protocol, it makes it easy for users who want to stake their tokens but don’t want to stake them manually. Caesar offers users an auto-staking platform, where users only need to hold their tokens and they don’t need to stake. Later, the reward that users will get is following the APY offered by Caesar, which is 153,617.49%. This is a staking platform that offers a unique concept and coupled with the various mechanisms it has, this will of course be a staking platform that users can rely on.


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