Backed Platform — Back Startups And Profit As They Grow With CompanyCoins

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A company needs investors so that the company can operate and develop well in the market. Usually, an investor invests their funds in a company that they think has the potential to develop in the future. But in practice, most investors run away when a company experiences internal problems. When these investors withdraw their money, this will be a disaster for the company because their financial support will be disrupted which will affect their operations. Especially if the ones who are pulling back their investments are big investors or venture capital, this will affect the psychology of other investors which makes them withdraw their money together.

Introducing Backed Platform

Seeing that investment manipulation practices are common in the market, the Backed platform built a platform that will support companies globally by means of crypto-based funding. Later on the Backed platform, investors will be able to invest their funds in companies that need financial support. This will allow a company, for example, a startup engaged in the potential logistics sector, to get alternative funding support more easily and quickly. Later when investors invest their companycoins tokens in a company, the company concerned will get various benefits that will support its operations and development. This will also create an open investment gate where everyone can participate so that not only a few people can invest in potential companies.


The backed platform has the many features needed to create an inclusive and dynamic investment ecosystem. The features of the Backed platform consist of native tokens, companycoins, native tokens backed to bitcoin, fees to companies, etc.

The services provided by the Backed platform will allow users to invest in various platforms easily and securely. Users do not need to do KYC or registration, because they can buy companycoins provided by the Backed platform using BKD tokens (native token Backed platform) easily using their wallet. With this convenience, even beginners can invest in a company as big as SpaceX with just a few taps from their device. What users need is knowledge of using crypto platforms and digital wallets and that’s about it.

Companycoins provided by the Backed platform will act as tokens which will allow users to invest easily. It works like a share that users can trade and trade if they so desire. Users who invest their companycoins in a company will get profit from their investment as the company grows. So that when a company is growing, this will provide greater profits to companycoins holders.


BKD is the native token of the Backed platform which will serve as a utility token that users can purchase from supported exchanges. Launched using the BSC protocol, users will be able to use this token for various things they want, such as for payments, etc. This is a token that will have an important role on the Backed platform, because it will be used by many users, and because it makes this token have future prospects. So investing in this token is a good decision.


To sum up, it’s time for a company to get a healthier investment, which will make it easier for them to operate and develop in the future. And Backed platform is an investment platform that will make it easier for users globally to be able to invest in potential companies globally. With an innovative funding system, this will allow users to be able to invest their companycoins in a company, and later they will get profit as the company grows. This method will allow a company to get alternative funding support which is easier and healthier. With various features coupled with various advantages, investors will be able to see that their investment will be easier and more manageable and that is because of the Backed platform.




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